Gatsby-theme-3docs v0.1.0

A blazing fast documentation site generator powered by Gatsby theme.

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  • MDX documentation (JSX in markdown)
  • Automatically generate documentations TOC based on file structures
  • Multiple versions support
  • Documentation content TOC
  • Frontmatter SEO configurations
  • Relative path images in markdown
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autolink for markdown headings
  • Customizable styles
  • Exported components and hooks for building custom pages
  • Light / dark theme



  • Find a workaround to add non-existing frontmatter fields to the doc page query
  • Create a new GraphQL type for docs
  • Add prev / next links to the doc page
  • Add last modified date to the doc page
  • Allow to replace the header content by passing custom components as props
  • Add a basic 404 page template
  • Automatically change the position of the TOC entry indicators (to left or to right side) based on the layout order
  • Allow to set the displayed content TOC level
  • Allow to work without doc version folders
  • Use url-loader for SVGs in SCSS


  • Polishing UI/UX
  • Add responsive styles
  • Add more customizable styles